Clam Hunting in Clintonville Wisconsin 8-20-14

The department of Natural Resources did a removal of Freshwater Mussels (Clams) Wednesday morning in Clintonville downtown bridge. The bridge is going to be replaced in 2015 due to a road project of Clintonville North Main Street that will start at 10th street and move north to Highway 156/22. Environment Analysis and review specialist Bobbi Jo Fischer. Talked with media on the plan of attack. The Mussels (Clams) normally are taken up stream but due to a dam the Mussels (Clams) will be taken down stream. When asked since the road project will not happen until 2015 if the Mussels (Clams) would return or new ones would form very likely a few would return or new ones would form but not enough to have an impact on the population.

Interview #1:

Interview #2:

Footage of Snorkelers:

***Final Numbers***: 

Total mussels collected today in Clintonville: More than 800 mussels with 14 different species found.
Most abundant (in decreasing order):
1) pink heel splitter
2) fragile paper shell
3) fluted shell
Found some Elk Toe which are listed as “special concern.”
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