Clintonville Police Report 9-9-14


1:44AM: Damage to property reported on 7th Street. 

7:18AM: Uncontrollable juvenile reported on 11th Street. 

1:26PM: Suspicious incident reported on W. Greentree Road. 


2:05PM: Four truancy and two disorderly conduct complaints reported at the Clintonville High School. 


2:05PM: Parking complaint was reported at the Clintonville Middle School. 


4:49PM: A two vehicle accident was reported on S. Main Street at 1st Street. Ambulance was dispatched for a subject complaining of neck pain. 


8:30PM: Suspicious incident reported on 10th Street. 


9:11PM: Two juveniles were warned for malicious mischief after ringing a doorbell to a residence on N. Main Street and running. 


1-Warning Issued for Parking in No Parking Zone


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