Breaking News: Clintonville Mayor Judy Magee takes a medical leave of absence

Judy 12-1-10 Color by JD

News Release
City of Clintonville
Judith I Magee
Office of the Mayor
October 1, 2014

It is with regret that I inform the residents of Clintonville that I am taking a Medical Leave of Absence from my position as Mayor. As many of you know, since the last election on April 1, 2014, there has been a great deal of turmoil in City government. I am honored to be elected by the voters and I take the position very seriously.

However, since April 1 I have had numerous threats made to me and my position, six members of the Council are regularly attacking the work I do, we have had a Council member resign, the City Administrator resign and a new City Attorney who is related to two Council members.

The upcoming budget approval will be worse than any other in terms of cuts that must be made. It is critical at this time that the stakeholders (citizens, voters, business owners and neighbors who conduct business in the City) of this community be heard as to what they want the future of our City to look like. The future of Clintonville impacts all the stakeholders who care about the community. I personally do not feel that the majority of this Council is taking us down a positive road. However, I am elected by the citizens and it is difficult to determine from my vantage point what everyone truly wants. As stakeholders if you are content and approve of the actions the Council majority has made in the past four months then perhaps the majority of the Council is acting as you wish them to. If you do not agree with the path we are on it is critical that you speak up and be heard publically. I cannot, along with a small group of Council members, carry the weight of 4,535 people on my shoulders. I intend to first get my mental health back to a good place and then it is my hope that starting immediately you as stakeholders will speak loud and clear as to what you want from your elected officials. I will return to my position when my health is better but no later than November 26, 2014.

In my absence it is the responsibility of Council President Jeannie Schley to act in the absence of the Mayor – her phone number is 715-823-6863. Please note Jeannie Schley does NOT have an e-mail address. I want to state again that I take my position as Mayor very seriously and it is with great regret that I am taking this Leave.

Next regular council meeting is, Tuesday, October 14, 2014 – 6 PM. I am making this request that any agenda items added by the council members, attorney, or anyone else regarding the Mayor is to be held in open session so that the taxpayers of Clintonville know what is being said about me!

Judith I. Magee


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