Clintonville Police Report 10-9-14



1:16 AM: Warnings issued for loud noise on Felshow Street. 

5:43 AM: Officer assisted Waupaca County Sheriff Department in checking on a car deer accident on STH 22 and forwarding the information to them.

10:22 AM: Burning violation on 10th at Main Street checked. 

1:04 PM: Worthless check complaint. 

2:29 PM: Illegal dumping complaint on 7th Street under investigation. 

3:45 PM: Found license plates turned in and owners advised. 

4:00 PM: Ordinance violation checked on N. Main Street. 14-2583

4:02 PM: Ambulance request on N. 12th Street. 

4:20 PM: Business assist on S. Main Street was completed. 

4:39 PM: Citation issued for dogs at large on Paulina Street. 

4:52 PM: Warning issued for ordinance violation on Paulina Street.

5:42 PM: Damage to property reported on S. Main Street. 

7:15 PM: Officer assisted Marion Police with a warrant pick up. 

7:45 PM: Hit confirmation completed for Marion Police Department. 

8:09 PM: Citizen assisted on 7th Street at Main Street. 

8:16 PM: Suspicious vehicle checked on S. Main Street. 

9:01 PM: Salvation Army Voucher issued. 

10:29 PM: Ambulance request on Anne Street. 


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