Clintonville City Council 11-11-14


Clintonville City Council met Tuesday November 11th 2014 to discuss many topics. Some topics were. A letter was written from “STILL MAYOR” Judy Magee in reference to the harassment she still receives from the 6-pack council members. Council members accused Still Mayor Magee of theft of what they claim was city property but in Still Mayor Magee letter she claims she bought the items she took.

The letter is below under Handouts please read. Handout: #1 & #2

Other Council News:

Adam Small Engine was voted on to be the “Official” Sidewalk / Sand Salt suppliers to those residents that ignore the warning tags (See Handout Below #3 )

T.L. Kersten Trucking was granted Snow Hauling Bid. It’s to be noted that this was the only bid submitted on an open bid job. Toby Kersten Public Works Director stated he wanted the public aware of this so no question would be arise from conflict of interest since he is the owner of T.L. Kersten Trucking. (See Handout Below #4)

A handout was given to show the City of Clintonville Fund Balance starting from Year 1994 through 2013 (See Handout Below #5)

A handout was given for information on Vacation Policy and  Department Heads. (See Handout Below #6)

A representative from Foth an Engineering Firm was on hand and handed out a sheet with 3 contractors interested in the UV System Modification it was voted on that August Winter Appleton was granted the contractor at the cost of $157,465.00 two other contractors put in a bid (See handout below #7)

Budget talks continue the public is encouraged by Fiance Chairman Mark Doornink to come speak at the meetings on thoughts and ideas. The next Fiance Meeting is scheduled for Monday November 17th @  6:00PM (Note Time) at the City Hall..  Tuesday November 17th @ 5:30PM at the Community Center due to the recall election at the City Hall that evening the budget will be voted on for final approval.








#5 #6 #7



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