Holiday shoppers/deer hunters should consider alternate routes


(Green Bay)  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Northeast Regional Office at Green Bay is reminding motorists to avoid backups on area highways near popular shopping destinations.


Local traffic in both the Fox Valley and Green Bay metro areas should consider using local roads to avoid congestion. Hunters and holiday travelers should also give themselves more time, especially in the event of inclement weather.


Deer hunters:

Deer hunters can expect to encounter heavy northbound traffic on most highways in the region beginning at noon on Friday, Nov. 21 and heavy southbound traffic on these routes from noon Sunday, Nov. 23 until approximately 8 p.m.


Heavy traffic will continue during the Thanksgiving holiday, with Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, being busy days.  Motorists should also note traffic will be very busy Sunday, November 30 due to the Green Bay Packers/New England Patriots football game which is scheduled for a 3:25 p.m. kick-off.  Motorists should try to avoid US 41, I-43, and WIS 172 unless necessary for approximately 3 hours before and after the game.  The game day traffic will be in addition to the holiday and deer hunting traffic returning from northern Wisconsin.



US 41:

  • Brown County –

  • Drivers will encounter 11-foot travel lanes and reduced shoulders in multiple locations along a 10-mile segment of highway. The speed limit is reduced to 55 mph from just south of Grant Street to I-43.  Temporary barrier walls at various locations will cause traffic to slow.

WIS 172:

  • Brown County –

  • Expect delays while merging onto US 41 or WIS 172


  • Fox Valley:

  • There are four exits along US 41 that can be used for access to the Fox River Mall shopping area. Planning alternate routes helps avoid backups on US 41 during the holiday shopping season.
  • Going from south to north, the main exits include:
  • County BB west to Casaloma Drive, then north
  • College Avenue (County CA) west, then enter on Mall Drive (or farther west on Casaloma Drive)
  • Wisconsin Avenue west, then turn left into mall
  • WIS 15 west to Casaloma Drive, then south

For instance, motorists traveling north on US 41 can exit on County BB or WIS 96 (Wisconsin Avenue), avoiding a potentially frustrating and time-consuming back up that occurs at the WIS 125/County CA/College Avenue exit. Motorists traveling south on US 41 should consider exiting at WIS 15 (Northland Avenue) or WIS 125/County CA/College Avenue, again avoiding potential backups at the WIS 96 (Wisconsin Avenue) exit. Using these alternate routes will provide Fox Valley shoppers with a safer, less stressful holiday experience.


  • Green Bay area:

  • In the Green Bay area, motorists are advised to avoid backups on WIS 172 and US 41.  There are many alternate routes throughout the area. It is often quicker and safer to simply move on to the next exit. Local traffic in the Green Bay metro area should consider using the local street system to access the area.
  • Shoppers traveling west on WIS 172 headed for the Bay Park Square Mall area could encounter heavy traffic on the Oneida St./Ashland Ave. exit ramp. WisDOT encourages drivers to use other routes, especially on evenings and weekends. Traffic westbound on WIS 172 should consider alternate routes through the city on local streets or continue west to US 41, then south to the Oneida Street exit, or north to the Lombardi Street exit.
  • Traffic northbound on US 41 encountering any backups at Oneida Street can consider traveling north to Lombardi Avenue east, then south on Oneida Street.
  • Northbound US 41 motorists from the Fox Valley area can avoid most potential problems by using the Ashland Avenue exit and choosing any of the next four traffic signals to gain access to the Bay Park Mall area.
  • Traffic southbound on US 41 heading into the Green Bay area might consider using the Lombardi Avenue exit and turning south on Oneida Street.

According to Will Dorsey, WisDOT northeast regional director, “We want motorists to have a safe holiday. They may want to consider an alternate route when moving from US 41 or WIS 172 into a shopping area.  Typically, a route that might seem a bit longer could actually take less time and be a lot less stressful.”


Law enforcement agencies will also be keeping a close eye on traffic.  Capt. Nick Scorcio, Wisconsin State Patrol, offered this safety tip to motorists that might get caught in a back up on US 41. “The best thing for motorists to do when they spot a back up at their exit is to simply drive on to the next exit,” said Scorcio. He also had a tip for drivers passing through this area.  “Be alert and move to the center or left lane early and cautiously if you observe traffic backed up into the right lane.”


“Most importantly, motorists should give themselves extra time to get to their destinations,” said Dorsey. “Remain calm and remember to be alert, patient, and courteous. Slow down, buckle up, and drive sober.  We want everyone to enjoy a happy and safe holiday season.”

For more information regarding traffic impacts in the Northeast Region:

  • Follow us on Twitter for regional alerts from the Traffic Incident Alert System and for construction related traffic advisories.

  • Call 5-1-1 or visit Wisconsin 511 online.

  • Also, visit the US 41 Project Facebook and Twitter and NE Twitter pages for details on US 41 traffic impacts and lane closures in Brown and Winnebago counties.




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