Employee Anniversary Information 12-9-14



5 Years

Judith Jahnke, Crossing Guard: Judy started her employment with the Clintonville Police Department on January 12 of 2009. She has been assigned the 8th and South Clinton intersection by Rexford-Longfellow and St. Martin’s Schools. Judy does an excellent job controlling traffic and making the crossings safe for our young students.


Craig Kamke, Police Officer: Craig began his law enforcement career with the Clintonville Police Department on March 2 of 2009 as a part-time patrol officer. He was promoted to full time status on September 14 of 2012 and currently works second shift from 3PM to 11 PM. Craig also serves as an Evidence Officer for the department.Prior to coming to Clintonville, Craig was employed as a police officer with the Menominee Tribal Police and as a surveyor with Nordin and Associates. Craig has a Bachelor of Science Degree from UW Platteville where he made the Dean’s list three years and the Chancellor’s list in his final year. Craig was certified as a police officer in 2008 from NWTC where he also received training and certifications in Standard Field Sobriety Testing, Firearms and Tasers.


Matthew Wright, Police Officer: Matt came to the Clintonville Police Department on March 7,2009 as a part time patrol officer. He was promoted to full time status on July 9 of 2012. Matt works the 11PM to 7 AM shift and also serves as a member of the Intra-County Emergency Response Unit (SWAT) as a sniper..

Prior to coming to Clintonville, Matt served three tours of duty in Iraq with the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division. During his tours, Matt received 9 medals of commendation and service. While attending Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Training, Matt worked part time for the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department as a Corrections officer and the Grand Chute Police Department as a part time police officer. Matt has an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from FVTC and a Bachelor’s Degree from the UW Oshkosh in Leadership and Organizational Development. Matt also has training and certifications in Police Radar Operation, Taser certification, Investigations, Drug Identification certification, and Emergency Medical First Responder training.


10 Years

Rob Thorn, Fireman: Rob is currently an interim engineer helping to fill open engineering vacancies on the FD as he prepares to complete training related to driving and pumping of apparatus equipment. Rob returned to CFD at a critical time to help fill vacancies and is greatly appreciated by the FD for his commitments.

15 Years


Andy Beggs, Fireman:  Andy currently holds the position as Assistant Chief of the Clintonville FD.  The current responsibilities as an Assistant Chief require his initial assessment of man power and equipment needs as well as preparing incoming crews to the fire conditions.  Andy continues to engage interest with MABAS (mutual aid box alarm system) to help in emergency preparation as well as fire investigation to help in determining cause & origin.


Tabitha Schoen, Police Clerk-Dispatcher:  Tabitha started as a part-time Clerk-Dispatcher for the Police Department on October 13, 1999 and was promoted to full-time status on May 15 of 2001.  Tabitha has acquired training and certification in the Department of Justice, Crime Information Bureau’s TIME system operation, Basic Telecommunicator and Support Staff Training, and Advanced Telecommunicator Training.  Tabitha is known for her ability to handle multiple situations at once and her work ethic is second to none.  Tabitha always strives to provide services to our community and help people any way she can.  Tabitha has received several letters of appreciation from citizens she has dealt with during the course of her duties


20 Years

Craig Bevernitz, Patrol Sergeant: Craig came to the Clintonville Police Department on July 14of 1994 as a part-time patrol officer.  He was promoted to full time status on May 1, 1995, and then promoted to Patrol Sergeant on October 9, 2012.  Craig currently serves as shift supervisor for the 11pm to 7 am shift.  Craig also serves as supervisor of the Police Department’s evidence rooms.Prior to coming to Clintonville, Craig was a partner in Bevernitz Construction with his family.  Craig also served as a Reserve Deputy for the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department.  Craig obtained an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice on 1994 with FVTC.  Craig has training and certification in Critical Incident Response to Terrorist Attacks, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Investigations,  Internet Crimes Against Children, Street Survival, Taser Certification, Drug Enforcement Tactics, Clandestine Drug Lab Training, Narcotics identification Training, Street Crimes, and Evidence Management training.

Jon Carrick, Fireman:  Jon currently holds the position as Assistant Chief of the Clintonville FD.  Jon has worked through many positions and ranks in his tenure with the Clintonville FD.  The current responsibilities as an Assistant Chief require his initial assessment of man power andequipment needs as well as preparing incoming crews to the fire conditions.  Outside of emergency situations Jon assisted with fire inspection and prevention duties.


Ruth Ann Schultz, Library:  For the past 20 years, Ruth Ann has been a faithful employee of the Library.  She is known for her bright smile and generous heart among staff and patrons.  Besides helping patrons at the front desk, she also ensures the library’s books continue circulating by mending them when they are broken.  She is a true asset to the library, and we are lucky to have her as an employee.


35 Years

Bob Stanislawski, Utilities:  I started my employment on April 22, 1979 as a meter reader.  There have been many changes to the water system since then. The  new water tower, main streetconstruction, water treatment plant, new meter reading system, scada system for well and tower controls.  The water utility has been recognized by the Wisconsin Rural Water Association for theBest Tasting Water in the state in 2001 and by the Wisconsin Water Association in 2005.  I’m currently on the Board of Directors for Wisconsin Rural Water Association.


Darrell Teall, Wastewater:  In 1979 I went through a few milestones in my life.  I was 25 and my wife Doreen and I had just welcomed our first daughter into the world.  I was working at Simmons in New London.  I made $5.10 per hour, which was a lot of money at the time.  I wanted something steadier so I applied for a job with the City of Clintonville.  The job was ½ day at wastewater and ½ day at the park department.  The pay was $4.00 per hour but I had hearda job with the City was more stable so I decided to accept the position.  After a few years I endedup working full time with the park department.  In 1988 a full time laborer position at the Wastewater Plant opened up and I signed up for it.  Steve Tice was my manager at wastewater when I first started in that department.  Shortly after I started in Wastewater, I knew I wanted to pursue an operator position so I began studying for DNR Certification exams.  Over the next couple years I obtained my general Wastewater Certification as well as eight additional subgrade certifications.  I was then a grade 4 certified operator through the State of Wisconsin.  When Brad Rokus was promoted to Utilities Manager I was promoted to Plant Foreman.  I have been the Plant Foreman ever since.  Over the last 35 years I have worked with co-workers from other departments, college interns, operators, engineers, outside vendors, and several different managers.  Overall my experience has been a good one.  Presently I enjoy my job and working with my awesome co-workers, but I feel that I am ready to start the next big adventure.  I am retiring on January 2nd 2015.  I will miss my job, but I hope to see everyone around town.


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