Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Weekly Radio Address: “Christmastime at the Executive Residence”



Hi, this is Scott Walker.


I love this time of year – especially all of the opportunities we have to host groups at the Executive Residence for tours and events.  This week, the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County stopped by for a tour of the holiday decorations.  They actually made the ornaments for the tree in the sun room – Which is always one of the most popular displays.  We are big supporters of the Boys and Girls Club and appreciate all the work that they do for young children all across the state.  In offering after-school academic enrichment programs, they provide tutoring and guidance, fostering relationships between children and a strong role model, the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County helps to prepare kids for success, both inside and outside of the classroom.


But anyone can stop by the Executive Residence for a free Holiday Tour during the Holiday Open House Hours.  There’s still time left this year – visit WisconsinExecutiveResidence.com for tour dates and times.


When you stop by the Residence, you’ll notice the beautiful décor provided by area designers from all across the state. My favorite tree, every year, is the troop’s tree.  You see it right away when you enter the residence.  This tree stands proudly against the backdrop of Lake Mendota, and it pays tribute to all men and women who served and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today.  On this tree is one ornament for each Wisconsin service member who has lost their life serving this country, since 9-11. It is a constant remind of debt we owe, and the gratitude we have for all who serve our great country.  


As we continue to enjoy the holiday season, please keep members of our Armed Forces, veterans, and their families in your hearts, and pray that those on active duty will return to us safely.  Merry Christmas.



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