Clintonville Construction Project Public Information Meeting Highlights

Wisconsin Department Of Transportation Public Involvement Meeting: Clintonville WIS 22 (Main St.), 10th St.-WIS 156
Big topics of the meeting:
Part 1 of the project: Replacement of Pigeon River Bridge, and the roadway between 10th and 13th streets currently scheduled for construction June 2015. 
Part 2 of the project:  The section of roadway between 13th St. and Highway 156/Green Tree Rd. currently scheduled for construction in 2017
16th Street: Realigning 16th Street to improve vision for motorists.
Hwy 22 / 156 / Green Tree Road: All-Way Stop controlled intersection and the realignment of 156 and Green Tree Road so the two side roads are directly across from each other.
Parking: Per city  decision on-street parking will not be allowed between 13th street and Highway 156. 
The city will also replace the water main and sanitary sewer systems as part of this project. 
Some trees will need to be removed (Not all trees will be removed) to accommodate the necessary utility adjustments and proposed roadway improvements. Wisconsin DOT worked with city officials to develop a tree replacement plan.
More meetings will be scheduled in the near future.
Tree Replacements
Detour Routes



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