Division 2 Regional Wrestling AT Clintonville



Championship Pictures: **BOLD = WINNER**

Weight: 106

Garrison Murphy (Freedom)

Bryce Peterson (Oconto Falls)

106 H106 I106 J

Weight: 113 Mitch Garvey (Freedom) Bennett Temple (Seymour)

113 F113 H113 I113 K113 M

Weight: 120 Mason Manteuffel (Freedom) Noah Starry (Oconto Falls)

120 F120 H120 I120 J120 L

Weight: 126 Sam Konitzer (Oconto Falls) Evan Vosters (Freedom)

126 D126 F126 J126 M126 P126 S

Weight: 132 Cody Walrath (Freedom) Bryce Ash (Oconto Falls)

132 H132 I132 J132 M

Weight: 138 Brett Ash (Oconto Falls) Dakota Brockman (Freedom)

138 D138 H138 I138 J

Weight: 145 Nate Trepanier (Oconto Falls) Blaz Daul (Freedom)

145 K145 M145 N145 P

Weight: 152 Dewey Krueger (Oconto Falls) Justin Krull (Seymour)

152 D152 G

Weight: 160 Seth Vosters (Freedom) Jake Yatso (Oconto Falls)

160 G160 H160 I160 N

Weight: 170 Shane Marquardt (Peshtigo) Brice Delzer (Oconto Falls)

170 C170 E170 I170 K170 L170 N170 S170 T

Weight: 182 Mac Winkler (Oconto Falls) Jake VanGrinsven (Freedom)

182 F182 H182 K182 N182 O182 Q182 S

Weight: 195 Ramsey Bloy (Freedom) Kevin Vandenlangenberg (Seymour)

195 F195 G195 H195 I195 K195 L

Weight: 220 Evan Philibeck (Freedom) Alex Everard (Seymour)

220 F220 G220 H220 I220 K220 M220 N220 P

Weight: 285 Alex Rohan (Freedom) Kaleb Westcott (Oconto Falls)

285 F285 G285 H285 I285 K285 L



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