Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approves statewide trout and panfish proposals

MADISON, Wis. – Proposals to simplify trout rules, boost panfish populations on roughly 100 lakes statewide and bring consistency to some fishing regulations on Wisconsin waters bordering Minnesota gained approval Wednesday from the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board. All three initiatives by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources were part of a larger fisheries rules package developed with extensive public input and modified to address the feedback received. The new rules will go into effect prior to the 2016-17 fishing season. Following are highlights. Trout Since 2011, the department has held 31 public meetings, conducted three surveys and convened additional task force meetings to develop the trout regulations. The new regulations, designed to protect and enhance fish populations, also create more uniformity for anglers who fish on different trout streams and within small geographic areas.
Under the new system, Green means go fish, with no length limit, a bag limit of five fish and no bait restrictions; Yellow means caution, with an 8 inch length limit, a bag limit of three fish and no bait restrictions; and Red means special regulations are in place. Anglers are advised to stop and understand the regulations before fishing.
The new rules also extend the opening of the early catch and release season in waters where it currently exists to the first Saturday in January and runs to the day before the regular fishing opener with no five-day closure period. The fall season extends from the current Sept. 30 to Oct. 15. Panfish The new panfish rules follow three years of angler surveys, focus groups and more than 30 public meetings. The rules seek to increase the size of panfish on lakes that show high growth potential but aren’t meeting management goals, likely from heavy harvest. One of three regulations will be applied to 94 lakes and evaluated for biological and social effectiveness. Ultimately the best regulation to address underperforming lakes will be selected and applied to these and other similar lakes.
The daily limits on the high potential lakes will take one of the following forms: 25/10. Under this rule, a total of 25 panfish may be kept per day but no more than 10 of any one species. Spawning season 15/5. Under this rule, a total of 25 panfish may be kept per day except during May and June when a total of 15 panfish may be kept but no more than five of any one species. 15/5. Under this rule, a total of 15 panfish may be kept per day but no more than five of any one species.
Wisconsin-Minnesota Boundary Waters:
Also on Wednesday, the Natural Resources Board approved making muskellunge, lake sturgeon and shovelnose sturgeon regulations on boundary waters consistent with those in Minnesota. The rules will allow catch and release angling for lake sturgeon on the St. Louis River and Mississippi River downstream of the Red Wing dam from June 16 through April 14.

Wisconsin Deer Hunting: 13 management units will not have an antlerless hunt

anterless deer

MADISON – The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board has approved deer harvest quotas for 2015 designed to manage deer towards population objectives established for each deer management unit.
In 2015, 13 management units will not have an antlerless quota, while the rest of Wisconsin will have a quota of 224,735 antlerless deer. The issuance of bonus deer hunting permits, in addition to free farmland zone tags, will include 18,450 tags valid on public access lands and 125,375 valid on private lands.
These recommendations represent the next step in a new era of Wisconsin deer management and mark the first year in which County Deer Advisory Councils played a major role in establishing deer harvest quotas and permit level recommendations. In February, the Natural Resources Board approved each council’s recommendations for three-year deer population objectives.
Deer management units will primarily follow county boundaries, with each larger unit divided into public and private land-types to address differences in deer distribution and help provide for an increase in deer numbers on public hunting lands.
As a reminder, 2015 bonus antlerless tags will go on sale in August.

Outagamie County Brush Fire 5-22-15

Story By: Wayne Gauger
WGWI-PUBLICATIONS Reporter Timothy Zilch and Junior Reporter Alicia Zilch responded to a call of a large brush fire Friday afternoon near Sunset Rd and County I. Reporter on scene said the fire was very close to a structure and crews were wetting down the structure. Several area departments responded. Nichols & Clintonville were just some of the Fire Departments on scene.

Pictures From The Scene:

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Informational Meeting US 22 Clintonville

By Timothy Zilch WGWI-PUBLICATIONS reporter:

Recording of the Meeting

Detour signs begin June 1 they will be covered until June 14 and start construction June 16. Wis 22 (Main Street) Clintonville,Wi Construction 2015 Location: Wis 22 10th Street to 13th Street Improvements include: Replacing Pigeon River Bridge Reconstructions of Wis 22 include Pavement,Curb and gutter,Sidewalks,storm Sewer,Street lighting,and traffic signals,Replacing City Water and Sewer, Also Modifications to intersection of N.Lyon Street/12th Street and 12th Street and 12th Street/SSGT Warren Hansen Drive to improve safety and operations for detour route. Schedule for construction is June 1-Mid Oct. Anyone with questions please contact  Project Manager Jim Volkman at 714-365-5773.


Bay Auto Parts Fire Howard WI 5-19-15

Fire Crews were called Tuesday to Bay Auto 1750 Velp Ave
Green Bay, WI. Howard Fire Chief Ed Janke said the fire was Upgraded to a Working Still Alarm Fire was seen through the roof. Assistance from Howard/Lawrence, Pulaski Tri County, Suamico and Green Bay Metro Fire Departments. Fire was contained in an hour and contained mostly auto parts and some tires that gave fire crews an issue fighting the fire. No injuries were reported.



INTERVIEW WITH Howard Fire Chief Ed Janke

Pictures From The Scene By Wayne Gauger:

0IMG_6852IMG_6857IMG_6854IMG_6853IMG_6858IMG_6859IMG_6860IMG_6863IMG_6862IMG_6861IMG_6864IMG_6865IMG_6866IMG_6869IMG_6868IMG_6867IMG_6870IMG_6871IMG_6872IMG_6874IMG_6873 (2)IMG_6873IMG_6874 (2)IMG_6875IMG_6875 (2)IMG_6876IMG_6876 (2)IMG_6877IMG_6878IMG_6879IMG_6879 (2)IMG_6880IMG_6880 (2)IMG_6881IMG_6881 (2)IMG_6882IMG_6882 (2)IMG_6883IMG_6884IMG_6885IMG_6888IMG_6887IMG_6886IMG_6889IMG_6890IMG_6891IMG_6894IMG_6893IMG_6892IMG_6895IMG_6896IMG_6901IMG_6904IMG_6903IMG_6902

Green Bay Metro Fire Department Graduates 18 New Firefighters

The Green Bay Metro Fire Department has concluded its 11 week training academy with 18 new hires. To recognize the hard work and dedication throughout the academy, a skills demonstration was held at the safety building of NWTC Friday Morning. The new Firefighters demonstrated a structure fire, auto extrication, car fire and propane tank fire. Congratulations from WGWI-PUBLICATION staff to all the new Firefights.



0 CoverIMG_68610IMG_66600IMG_6744 (2)0IMG_67450IMG_6746 (2)0IMG_67470IMG_6748 (2)0IMG_6848AAIMG_6727AAIMG_6729AAIMG_6732AAIMG_6734AAIMG_6740AAIMG_6741AAIMG_6742AAIMG_6743AAIMG_6744AAIMG_6746AAIMG_6748AAIMG_6749AAIMG_6750AAIMG_6751AAIMG_6752AAIMG_6753AAIMG_6754AAIMG_6755AAIMG_6756AAIMG_6757AAIMG_6758AAIMG_6759AAIMG_6760AAIMG_6761AAIMG_6762AAIMG_6763AAIMG_6764AAIMG_6765AAIMG_6766AAIMG_6767AAIMG_6769AAIMG_6770AAIMG_6771AAIMG_6772AAIMG_6774AAIMG_6776AAIMG_6777AAIMG_6778AAIMG_6779AAIMG_6780AAIMG_6781AAIMG_6782AAIMG_6789AAIMG_6790AAIMG_6791AAIMG_6792 (2)AAIMG_6793 (2)AAIMG_6794IMG_6807IMG_6800IMG_6806 (2)AAIMG_6795AAIMG_6796AAIMG_6797 (2)AAIMG_6798 (2)AAIMG_6799AAIMG_6800 (2)AAIMG_6801AAIMG_6802AAIMG_6802 (2)AAIMG_6803AAIMG_6803 (2)AAIMG_6804AAIMG_6805AAIMG_6806AAIMG_6808AAIMG_6817AAIMG_6819AAIMG_6837AAIMG_6838AIMG_6648AIMG_6649AIMG_6650AIMG_6651AIMG_6657AIMG_6658AIMG_6659AIMG_6661AIMG_6662AIMG_6663IMG_6783AIMG_6664AIMG_6666AIMG_6667AIMG_6668AIMG_6669AIMG_6670AIMG_6671AIMG_6672AIMG_6673AIMG_6674AIMG_6675AIMG_6676AIMG_6679AIMG_6682AIMG_6684AIMG_6685AIMG_6686AIMG_6687AIMG_6688AIMG_6689AIMG_6690AIMG_6691AIMG_6692AIMG_6694AIMG_6695AIMG_6696AIMG_6697AIMG_6698AIMG_6752 (2)AIMG_6755 (2)AIMG_6756 (2)AIMG_6758 (2)AIMG_6759 (2)AIMG_6764 (2)AIMG_6765 (2)BBIMG_6821BBIMG_6824BBIMG_6825BBIMG_6827BBIMG_6829BIMG_6700BIMG_6701BIMG_6706BIMG_6707BIMG_6708BIMG_6712BIMG_6713BIMG_6714BIMG_6722BIMG_6724BIMG_6775BIMG_6777 (2)

Clintonville Car Accident 5-14-15



Report of: Double Fatal Crash
Location State Highway 45 and Lakeshore Rd

Date:5/14/2015TIME: 10:30 AM


Waupaca County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a two vehicle crash at State Highway 45 and Lakeshore Rd. A vehicle was East bound crossing highway 45 from Nietzke Rd to Lakeshore Rd when it was struck by a North bound vehicle on Highway 45. The passenger of the East bound vehicle was pronounced dead at the crash scene. the driver of the same vehicle was flown by Theda Star to Theda Clark where he was later pronounced dead. The driver and passenger of the North bound vehicle were not injured. The crash is still being investigated by the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office and the Wisconsin State Patrol. The Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Wisconsin State Patrol, Clintonville and Marion Police Departments, Clintonville Fire and Ambulance, Theda Star, and the Waupaca County Highway Department.

End of report.


Clintonville Fire Department & Ambulance Poice Marion Fire Department & Ambulance  Waupaca County Sheriff and Clintonville Police were called to a scene of a two-vehicle accident Highway 45 and Lakeshore Road. Theda-Star Medical Helicopter was brought in. WGWI Reporter Timothy Zilch was on scene. No other information is available we will update as soon as we get anything.




11267141_1423581651295359_32679660_n11253838_1423581654628692_386210567_n11253805_1423581691295355_76950074_n11251687_1423581637962027_354113663_n11251542_1423581684628689_438680181_n (1)11225665_1423581687962022_576169954_n11212364_1423581641295360_1535063546_n11117430_1423581657962025_1901245881_n