Informational Meeting US 22 Clintonville

By Timothy Zilch WGWI-PUBLICATIONS reporter:

Recording of the Meeting

Detour signs begin June 1 they will be covered until June 14 and start construction June 16. Wis 22 (Main Street) Clintonville,Wi Construction 2015 Location: Wis 22 10th Street to 13th Street Improvements include: Replacing Pigeon River Bridge Reconstructions of Wis 22 include Pavement,Curb and gutter,Sidewalks,storm Sewer,Street lighting,and traffic signals,Replacing City Water and Sewer, Also Modifications to intersection of N.Lyon Street/12th Street and 12th Street and 12th Street/SSGT Warren Hansen Drive to improve safety and operations for detour route. Schedule for construction is June 1-Mid Oct. Anyone with questions please contact  Project Manager Jim Volkman at 714-365-5773.



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