Outagamie County Brush Fire 5-22-15

Story By: Wayne Gauger
WGWI-PUBLICATIONS Reporter Timothy Zilch and Junior Reporter Alicia Zilch responded to a call of a large brush fire Friday afternoon near Sunset Rd and County I. Reporter on scene said the fire was very close to a structure and crews were wetting down the structure. Several area departments responded. Nichols & Clintonville were just some of the Fire Departments on scene.

Pictures From The Scene:

00010000000000000000000000010000010101011216352_1430324860621038_1217450052_n (1)11216352_1430324860621038_1217450052_n11253812_1430324843954373_1034605652_n11255157_1430324903954367_1588380973_n11261068_1430324867287704_2042516470_n11256452_1430324967287694_1788212145_n11261068_1430324867287704_2042516470_n (1)11267521_1430324877287703_720229284_n11281907_1430324847287706_922204981_n11287166_1430324883954369_1498795261_n11287190_1430324887287702_1039911094_n11289692_1430324910621033_1218054156_n11287330_1430324963954361_1631820429_n11303447_1430324953954362_1162433975_n11304256_1430324870621037_1211769300_n11304438_1430324853954372_490890937_n11304256_1430324870621037_1211769300_n (1)11330486_1430324973954360_1095578144_n11329693_1430324873954370_1200052330_n


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