Green Bay Metro Fire Department Fireworks Dangers and Reminders During Celebrate Americafest

July 1, 2015 Green Bay, WI–  The Green Bay Metro Fire Department wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time while celebrating Independence Day downtown.  The following are keys to ensuring an enjoyable celebration:

  • No fireworks are to be brought into the festival grounds.
  • No drones will be permitted in, around, or over the festival grounds.
  • Keep a close watch of children near the river.
  • Plan ahead for the weather.  Dress appropriately, stay hydrated, and use sunscreen.  Alcohol will dehydrate you.
  • Seek shade to cool off.

For those considering using consumer fireworks at home to celebrate:

  • Consumer fireworks cause over 17,000 fires, 11,000 injuries, and $32 million in damages in the US every year.
  • In 2013, sparklers were the cause of 40% of all reported injuries.  They burn at over 12000 degrees F.
  • 0-4 years old has the highest risk for fireworks injuries followed by children 10-14 years old.
  • In the past several years be have had 2 home fires and a garage fire caused by fireworks.

The best way to keep safe this 4th of July is to leave the fireworks to the professionals.  Enjoy your local fireworks show put on by your town, city, or village. 


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