2 Green Bay Fires 9-12-15 & 9-13-15

FROM: Battalion Chief Spielman

Incident Date:  9/12/2015                                                                  

Incident Type: Carbon Monoxide Incident

Incident Address: 100 Block of S Platten

Cause of Fire:  Under investigation by the Fire Marshal’s Office or known cause

Origin of Fire:  Location or area in structure

Estimated Dollar Loss: No dollar loss

Injuries: 2 civilians transported for observation

Number of People Displaced: 0 

Additional Information: GBMFD was initially dispatched with a ladder company for the report of a carbon monoxide alarm sounding at the above address. When crews arrived and entered with the air monitoring equipment it immediately read abnormally high level of CO. The highest level detected was 105 parts per million (ppm).The ladder company requested additional crews to the scene. In total 2 ladders, 1 engine, 3 ambulances, and 1 battalion chief responded. Crews evacuated the building and conducted a search to ensure everyone was removed. WPS arrived on scene and assisted with trying to locate the source of the CO. The building was ventilated and at this time a source has not been identified. The building was cleared of CO and residents were allowed back in.


FROM: Battalion Chief Goplin

Incident Date:  9/13/2015

Incident Type: Structure Fire

Incident Address: 1000 Block of Klaus St.

Incident Description: 2 story, multi unit structure

Cause of Fire:  Under investigation by the GBMFD Fire Marshall’s office.

Origin of Fire:  Upper unit of structure

Estimated Dollar Loss: $20,000

Injuries: 1 civilian injury

Number of People Displaced: 1 person displaced 

Additional Information: On September 13, 2015, at 7:37 AM, Green Bay Metro Firefighters responded to a report of a structure fire at 1000 Block of Klaus St. Firefighters were advised that the occupant of the home killed his dogs and set the house on fire. GBPD requested that GBMFD standby until the occupant was secured. Once the scene was secure, firefighters entered the structure to extinguish the fire. The occupant was transported to a hospital for evaluation and treatment of injuries from the fire. While fighting the fire, firefighters found 7 deceased dogs in the upper unit of the building. There was heavy fire and smoke damage throughout the upper unit. Green Bay Animal Control and GBMFD Fire Marshall’s were called to the scene to investigate. Dollar loss is estimated at $20,000.


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