Green Bay Metro Fire Department Holiday Wreath Program Aims to Prevent Fires

From: Lt. Nick Craig Green Bay Metro Fire Department

Green Bay, WI, November 24, 2015–
Tomorrow, the Green Bay Metro Fire Department in a joint effort with the Green Bay International Association of Fire Fighters Local – 141, will be hanging Christmas wreaths on all fire stations. These wreaths are a part of a public awareness campaign that will last from Thanksgiving Day through January 1, 2015. The wreaths will be initially lit with all green lights.  For every residential fire that occurs during this holiday season, one light will be changed to red.  This is not to celebrate residential fires but rather to educate everybody on fire safety.  Every year we average from 10-17 fires during this time and careless cooking is usually the leading cause of these fires.

Every time you see a wreath on a Green Bay Metro Fire Station you will be reminded to have a safe holiday season.  It is the Green Bay Metro Fire Department and the IAFF local -141’s mission to keep these wreaths lit with ALL green lights this holiday season.

We would like everybody to practice fire safety when it comes to everything associated with the Holidays.  Never leaving candles unattended, keep a safe distance around portable and fixed heating units, pay close attention when cooking meals (Thanksgiving is the #1 day for cooking fires in the US), and keep your natural Christmas tree well-watered.


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