Clintonville-Marion North Eastern Conference Wrestling Dual vs. Luxemburg Casco

Results By:  Photo’s By: Timothy Zilch

Final Score: Luxemburg-Casco – 81 Clintonville/Marion – 0

Individual Results:

Nathan Ronsman (Luxemburg-Casco) over Unknown (For.)

Bryce Bosman (Luxemburg-Casco) over Ben Cotherman (Clintonville/Marion) (Fall 3:08)

Phil Rasmussen (Luxemburg-Casco) over Terrance Bohl (Clintonville/Marion) (Fall 3:54)

Nate Lloyd (Luxemburg-Casco) over Unknown (For.)

Zak Petasek (Luxemburg-Casco) over Unknown (For.)

Cullen Ducat (Luxemburg-Casco) over Unknown (For.)

Dalton Smerchek (Luxemburg-Casco) over Unknown (For.)

Bryson Alsteen (Luxemburg-Casco) over Lacey Jung (Clintonville/Marion) (Fall 2:49)

Devan Vandenbush (Luxemburg-Casco) over Jordan Streicher (Clintonville/Marion) (Fall 3:35)

Kyle Routhieaux (Luxemburg-Casco) over Andrew Robinson (Clintonville/Marion) (Fall 4:43)

Josh VandeHei (Luxemburg-Casco) over Unknown (For.)

Kane LaCrosse (Luxemburg-Casco) over Unknown (For.)

Garrett Jeanquart (Luxemburg-Casco) over Cole Cotherman (Clintonville/Marion) (Dec 7-2)

Parker Coppens (Luxemburg-Casco) over Unknown (For.)




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