Clintonville – Arbor Day 2016

Written & Photo’s By: Timothy Zilch

Arbor Day April 29,2016 Pickerel Point Park Planting a tree…Mayor Lois Bressette,Park and Rec Director Justin Mc Auly,Mark Doornink City Council, Judy McGee,St.Martins 4th Grade Students..Students helped plant a tree for Arbor Day.

13055506_967340386717541_638666098531943682_n 13062363_967340710050842_14455809420456435_n 13083263_967340496717530_6182380498031752719_n 13083292_967338770051036_8045317851983140166_n 13091924_967340860050827_3708377502792210110_n 13094182_967340536717526_1570257488572232193_n 13095873_967338090051104_5005271308598705710_n 13103508_967340766717503_5200066047009525929_n 13118965_967338760051037_2349932394211238096_n 13124722_967342146717365_1240027486063427409_n 13124990_967340410050872_2572109309442010429_n 13133125_967340726717507_3842098765435895146_n


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