Green Bay Metro Fire Department Urges Caution With Fireworks Use

From: Green Bay Metro Fire Department Lt. Cody Johnson 


On Independence Day in a typical year, more U.S. fires are reported than on any other day, and fireworks account for half of those fires, more than any other cause of fires. The Green Bay Metro Fire Department responds to several fires started by fireworks every year.  In 2014, U.S. hospital emergency rooms treated an estimated 10,500 people for fireworks related injuries! Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission report by Yongling Tu and Demar Granados In 2013 an estimated 15,600 reported fires including 1,400 structure fires and 200 vehicle fires are reported. Source: NFPA’s Fireworks report by Marty Ahrens, June 2016 The current law allows individuals to possess sparklers, snakes, smoke bombs, noisemakers, and spark fountains. These are the only legal fireworks to possess and use without a permit. Firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles, and mortars, are illegal to possess and use without a permit and may result in a citation. A permit may be obtained from your local jurisdiction, though most have very strict guidelines and onlya handful are awarded. Only permits issued by the local jurisdiction and signed by the proper designee (mayor, fire chief, etc) are legal. Permits issued by a fireworks stand are not valid. Safety tips for celebrating with legal fireworks: Adults should only light fireworks.  Sparklers can reach temperatures of over 1200 degrees so make sure your child is old enough to understand the danger of using them improperly. Children should always be supervised when using sparklers.4th-of-July-Fireworks-Images-Clip-Art-3-1 Most fireworks injuries happen to children under the age of 5 years old. 5 years old is often too young to use sparklers. Never relight dud fireworks. Stay clear of them for at least 30 minutes and soak them in a bucket of water overnight before disposing.  Make sure you light fireworks on a dry level surface (concrete) with no combustibles nearby. Maintain a safe distance. Avoid alcohol use while using fireworks.The best way to keep safe this 4th of July is to leave the fireworks to the professionals. Enjoy your local fireworks show put on by your town, city, or village.

Storm Damage – Waupaca County 6-26-16

Photo’s By Charles Whitlock

Storms ripped through the area early Sunday Morning. Here is some of the damage from Waupaca County. Thanks goes out to our viewer Charles Whitlock…. These were in the Township of Lebanon County N between Sugar Bush & Manawa.


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Green Bay – Fire Call 6-22-16

From: Green Bay Metro Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Sellin

Incident Details

Incident Date: 6/22/2016
Incident Type: Garage Fire
Incident Address: 15xx Cass Street
Incident Time: 10:50
Incident Description: Green Bay Metro Fire Department responded at 10:50 this morning for a fire in a two car, unattached garage. On scene units found a fire that started on the exterior of the garage and had burned through to the interior. Fire was quickly extinguished.
Cause of Fire: Ashes from fire pit to close to structure
Origin of Fire: Exterior rear of garage
Estimated Dollar Loss: $5000
Injuries: None
Number of People Displaced: None

Additional Information: Exercise caution when disposing of any ashes left from a campfire, grill or fire place. A non-combustible container away from other combustibles is best. In the right weather conditions, ashes can remain hot enough to start a fire for up to five days.

Marion – Farming Accident 6-4-16

Written By: Timothy Zilch Photo’s & Video By: Timothy & Alicia Zilch

Emergency Personnel were paged Saturday afternnon to Wagner Road Township of Grant for a reported Farming Accident … Marion Fire Department setup a landing zone for Theda-Star at the Wayside. No other information at this time


Video Theda-Star


Photo’s From The Landing Zone:

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