Clintonville Storm Damage 6-5-16

Written By: Timothy Zilch Photo’s By Timothy Zilch 

A storm went through Clintonville Sunday evening around 5:30ish. Here is some pictures from the damage.

13349117_1648671668786355_1877425035_n 13349191_1648669315453257_1538051395_n 13382064_1648671672119688_1394915802_n 13382161_1648671695453019_138893186_n 13382214_1648671768786345_1900669599_n 13384672_1648671805453008_1941177693_n 13391053_1648669228786599_1510515272_n 13392992_1648671795453009_544054961_n 13393013_1648669198786602_2105354084_n 13393566_1648671808786341_150531377_n 13400978_1648671698786352_730388653_n 13407429_1648671748786347_1958362309_n 13407630_1648669135453275_360117952_n 13407648_1648671772119678_676194362_n


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