Green Bay – Fire Call 6-22-16

From: Green Bay Metro Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Sellin

Incident Details

Incident Date: 6/22/2016
Incident Type: Garage Fire
Incident Address: 15xx Cass Street
Incident Time: 10:50
Incident Description: Green Bay Metro Fire Department responded at 10:50 this morning for a fire in a two car, unattached garage. On scene units found a fire that started on the exterior of the garage and had burned through to the interior. Fire was quickly extinguished.
Cause of Fire: Ashes from fire pit to close to structure
Origin of Fire: Exterior rear of garage
Estimated Dollar Loss: $5000
Injuries: None
Number of People Displaced: None

Additional Information: Exercise caution when disposing of any ashes left from a campfire, grill or fire place. A non-combustible container away from other combustibles is best. In the right weather conditions, ashes can remain hot enough to start a fire for up to five days.


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