Storm Damage – Waupaca County 6-26-16

Photo’s By Charles Whitlock

Storms ripped through the area early Sunday Morning. Here is some of the damage from Waupaca County. Thanks goes out to our viewer Charles Whitlock…. These were in the Township of Lebanon County N between Sugar Bush & Manawa.


13521183_10153626689346080_1130391137_n 13521649_10153626689211080_874547031_n 13521735_10153626688786080_1130948856_n 13522412_10153626688846080_2073405707_n 13522425_10153626688831080_1506529191_n 13522511_10153626689111080_729231604_n 13530640_10153626689446080_1149535279_n 13530663_10153626689371080_1062181058_n 13530830_10153626689176080_1918089207_n 13535932_10153626689476080_1176085779_n 13535948_10153626689196080_438291955_n 13536084_10153626689141080_487860397_n 13536225_10153626689221080_1360939922_n 13551125_10153626689256080_847905059_n 13552594_10153626689166080_1684709839_n 13553195_10153626689191080_848999467_n



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