Green Bay – Water Rescue 7-19-16

From: Green Bay Metro Fire Department Battalion Chief Chris Ehmann

Incident Date: 7/19/2016
Incident Type: Water Rescue
Incident Address: Bay of Green Bay
Incident Time: 17:48
Incident Description: 3 Paddle boarders pushed out into bay by wind
Injuries: None

Additional Information: 3 females on rental paddle boards, without life jackets, left Communiversity Park and were going to paddle west along the shore towards Bay Beach. The wind was calm near the shore but they got out far enough that there was a wind blowing from the southeast. It pushed them northwesterly and they were unable to paddle back to shore against the wind. They did have a cellphone in a waterproof pouch and were able to call for help. The GBMFD Fireboat, Marine 1, responded out into the bay searching. Initially from shore we were unable to see them they were so far out at that point. Marine 1 located them approx. 4 miles out from shore floating towards Long Tail Point. They were brought back to shore and were uninjured. Reminder that the wind conditions/speed close to shore may not match the conditions farther out. Also, life jackets should be worn at all times when out on the water. At the time of this rescue we also had a 3 alarm fire on Broadway St. which created some challenges. We were assisted by mutual aid departments Bellevue Fire and County Rescue Service


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