Clintonville – Cobblestone Inn Suites Re-Grand Opening 9-27-16

Written & Photo’s By: Timothy Zilch

Clintonville residents were invited for a Grand Re-Opening Tuesday, Free lunch was offered and one free night was given away. Please see some of the pictures from the excitement. Rental information please call 715-823-2000

Some of the folks on hand were: Clintonville Mayor Lois Bressette, Naomi Arndt,  Amanda Rousseau, Nate Hepp, Luke La Violette, Norma Willis and
Triena Letts.

Photo’s From The Activities

14453862_1084738348307315_419343614_o 14453873_1084738704973946_1851873681_o 14453934_1084738764973940_1254233785_o 14454091_1084738414973975_1449313778_o 14456647_1084738594973957_40615798_o 14456929_1084738684973948_2085446578_o 14466219_1084738378307312_2070030495_o 14466250_1084738791640604_1650080125_o 14466998_1084738811640602_1519450533_o 14467065_1084738281640655_154791804_o 14489643_1084738508307299_262927240_o 14513532_1084738558307294_1587176903_o 14513771_1084738661640617_732121619_o 14522280_1084738301640653_98831271_o


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