Marion – Landing Zone 10-13-16

Written By:  Timothy Zilch Photo’s By: Alicia Zilch & Timothy Zilch

Thursday evening Marion – Clintonville Ambulance Marion First Responders were paged to Marion Body works for a medical call, Once units were on scene they requested Marion Fire Department set a landing zone up at Marion wayside for Theda-Star Medical Helicopter. No other information was available when this post was published. 


Photo’s & Video From The Landing Zone:

14628249_1727734747546713_476572077_n 14647427_1727734190880102_993999275_o 14657635_1727734384213416_925718273_n 14658239_1727734850880036_443141301_n 14658413_1727734407546747_993444072_n 14686582_1727735080880013_976408908_n 14696922_1727734777546710_480225029_n 14699900_1727735190880002_501678223_n 14699946_1727734744213380_798992135_n 14741036_1727734754213379_949601512_n14741036_1727734794213375_1385448934_n


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