Green Bay – Kitchen Fire 11-5-16

From: Green Bay Metro Fire Department Battalion Chief Chris Ehmann


Incident Details


Incident Date:  11/5/2016

Incident Type: Kitchen Fire

Incident Address: 11xx 13th Ave.

Incident Time:  17:55

Incident Description: Grease fire on stove spread to cabinets and wall.  1 story house

Cause of Fire:  Unattended cooking.

Origin of Fire:  Stove top

Estimated Dollar Loss: $10,000

Injuries: 13 year old transported to hospital for smoke inhalation.   

Number of People Displaced: 1 adult, 2 children 



Additional Information: Unattended grease on stove top caught fire spreading to wall and cabinets.  Occupants are staying with other family members in town.  With the holiday seasons approaching we want to remind people to pay close attention when they are cooking.  Cooking is the #1 cause of house fire and people should never leave cooking food unattended.  If you must leave the kitchen, turn off the stove. 


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