Clintonville – Landing Zone 11-10-16

Written & Photo’s By: Timothy Zilch

Clintonville Ambulance was paged to Lake Shore Road Thursday evening for scanner reports of a person who fell off of a roof.  Clintonville Fire Department was later paged to the Airport to set a landing zone up for Theda-Star Medical Helicopter. No other information available at the time of this posting.


14996330_1749860575334130_1261974168_n 14997040_1749860425334145_332720904_n 14997178_1749860428667478_1857507254_n14976045_1749860902000764_219808359_o 15033779_1749860878667433_1100461196_n 15033963_1749860895334098_1792587391_o 15034100_1749860768667444_775033059_o 15046188_1749860952000759_1153580430_n 15049794_1749861048667416_286583349_n 15050190_1749860958667425_1739580269_n


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