Clintonville – Structure Fire Final Official Press Release 11-23-16

From: Clintonville Fire Department Chief Shane Krueger

November 23, 2016

To Media Outlets:

On November 23, 2016 at 2:09AM, the Clintonville Fire Department along with Clintonville Area Ambulance and Clintonville Police were dispatched to 46 South Main Street in the City of Clintonville for a report of a structure fire at that location.

The Clintonville Fire Department was assisted by Fire Departments from Marion, Manawa, Bear Creek, Pella and Embarrass.  The nature of the building configuration, structural age and adjacent buildings along with extensive fire in the upper level of the building made the fire difficult to combat with crews remaining on scene until 4:00PM.

The State Fire Marshall’s Office and Building Inspector was summoned to assist in the investigation.  It was determined that the  Fire was accidental in nature and the origin of the fire was in the floor structure between the China King Restaurant and the apartments located above the business that housed a family of 5 all of whom were able to escape without injury.  Red Cross is currently assisting the displaced family.  

Due to structural safety concerns of the building impacted by the fire, the adjoining business Schultz’s Blue Bird Café shall remain closed until further notice.


Clintonville – **UPDATE** Structure Fire 11-23-16

Here is what we have learned from the Structure Fire Downtown Clintonville at the China King.

5 people living upstairs are safe.  Fire officials have said the building is a total loss. No known injuries were reported.


Update From The Scene Just Before 9am Photo’s By: Timothy Zilch

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Clintonville – Landing Zone 11-10-16

Written & Photo’s By: Timothy Zilch

Clintonville Ambulance was paged to Lake Shore Road Thursday evening for scanner reports of a person who fell off of a roof.  Clintonville Fire Department was later paged to the Airport to set a landing zone up for Theda-Star Medical Helicopter. No other information available at the time of this posting.


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Clintonville – Fire Call 10-12-16

Written & Photo’s By: Timothy Zilch

Clintonville Fire Department was paged Wednesday morning to 44 Main Street Bluebird Cafe for a gas line that was struck. No other information available. Clintonville Police / WE Energies / Clintonville Utilities were also on scene.


Photo’s From Scene:

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