Green Bay – Fire Call 7-25-16

From: Green Bay Metro Fire Department Battalion Chief Robert Wiegert

Incident Details

Incident Date: 7/25/2016
Incident Type: Structure Fire
Incident Address: 9xx N. Irwin Ave
Incident Time: 6:13 PM
Incident Description: Basement fire in a 1 ½ story single family residence
Cause of Fire: Under investigation by Fire Marshal’s office
Origin of Fire: Basement storage room
Estimated Dollar Loss: $10,000
Injuries: No injuries
Number of People Displaced: 3 persons displaced

Additional Information: GBMFD crews were dispatched at 6:13PM to 9xx N. Irwin Ave. for the report of a basement fire. The first crews arrived in less than 3 minutes and found smoke showing from the basement of a story and a half single family residence. All residents had evacuated. Crews entered the structure and encountered heavy smoke in the basement. They found a fire in a storage room and had the fire knocked down in approximately 5 minutes. Crews ventilated the structure and remained on scene for approximately 2 hours to complete salvage and overhaul. The building suffered fire damage to one room in the basement with smoke damage to the basement and first floor. 3 residents were displaced and are being assisted by the Red Cross. Also assisting on scene were the GBPD and WPS. Cause is under investigation by the Green Bay Metro Fire Dept. Fire Marshal’s office.

Green Bay – Fire Calls 7-23-16

From: Green Bay Metro Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Sellin

Incident Details

Incident Date: 7/23/2016
Incident Type: Camper Fire
Incident Address: 4– Alpine Drive
Incident Time: 10:38
Incident Description: Fire in an RV near the home.
Cause of Fire: Propane Refrigerator ignition
Origin of Fire: Refrigerator
Estimated Dollar Loss: $7000
Injuries: None
Number of People Displaced: None

Additional Information: Green Bay Metro Fire Department was called for a report of a camper on fire in the driveway near the house. Flames and smoke were showing from the camper upon arrival. Fire was quickly extinguished with no damage to the home. The damage to the interior of the camper from the fire made it a total loss.


Incident Details


                                                              Incident Date:  7/23/2016

Incident Type: Structure Fire

Incident Address: 12– Vanderbraak

Incident Time:  13:04

Incident Description: Structure fire in a single family home. Smoke coming from roof vents upon arrival. No one was home at the time of the fire; smoke was noticed by a neighbor. Fire was quickly extinguished and held to the room of origin.

Cause of Fire:  Electrical

Origin of Fire:  Ceiling fan in the dining room

Estimated Dollar Loss: $25,000

Injuries: None

Number of People Displaced: None

Green Bay – Water Rescue 7-19-16

From: Green Bay Metro Fire Department Battalion Chief Chris Ehmann

Incident Date: 7/19/2016
Incident Type: Water Rescue
Incident Address: Bay of Green Bay
Incident Time: 17:48
Incident Description: 3 Paddle boarders pushed out into bay by wind
Injuries: None

Additional Information: 3 females on rental paddle boards, without life jackets, left Communiversity Park and were going to paddle west along the shore towards Bay Beach. The wind was calm near the shore but they got out far enough that there was a wind blowing from the southeast. It pushed them northwesterly and they were unable to paddle back to shore against the wind. They did have a cellphone in a waterproof pouch and were able to call for help. The GBMFD Fireboat, Marine 1, responded out into the bay searching. Initially from shore we were unable to see them they were so far out at that point. Marine 1 located them approx. 4 miles out from shore floating towards Long Tail Point. They were brought back to shore and were uninjured. Reminder that the wind conditions/speed close to shore may not match the conditions farther out. Also, life jackets should be worn at all times when out on the water. At the time of this rescue we also had a 3 alarm fire on Broadway St. which created some challenges. We were assisted by mutual aid departments Bellevue Fire and County Rescue Service

Green Bay – Structure Fire 7-19-16

Information From: Green Bay Metro Fire Department  Battalion Chief Drew Spielman

Incident Date: 7/19/2016
Incident Type: Structure Fire
Incident Address: 4xx S Broadway
Incident Time: 4:30PM
Incident Description: Fire in a commercial structure.
Cause of Fire: Under investigation by Fire Marshal Office
Origin of Fire: Near a paint booth.
Estimated Dollar Loss: $300,000
Injuries: 2 Civilians transported for observation
Number of People Displaced: 0

Additional Information: Fire crews were dispatched to 4xx S Broadway for the report of a fire in a spray booth. On arrival crews found heavy fire coming from a single story commercial structure. Crews performed an exterior defensive attack due to the roof caving in. The building housed various paints and lacquers. The Green Bay Fire Haz-Mat team was called to assist with run off and determine if materials were hazardous. Working with Green Bay Public Works it was determined that the run off was nonhazardous and posed no environmental hazard. Green Bay utilized the MABAS system and received help form DePere, Ashwaubenon, and Bellevue. Two workers were transported for observation and released from an area hospital. Crews remained on scene for nearly 4 hours.


Photo’s From The Scene: WGWI-PUBLICATIONS

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Clintonville – Fire Call 7-17-16

Written & Photo’s By: Timothy Zilch

Clintonville Fire Department was paged Sunday Morning for a Gas / Smoke Smell on Pansy Ct. Marion Fire R.I.T. was called. No other information at this time.
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Green Bay: Garage Fire 7-9-16

From: Green Bay Metro Fire Department Battalion Chief Chris Ehmann

Incident Date: 7/9/2016

Incident Type: Garage Fire

Incident Address: 10xx Reber St.

Incident Time: 19:52

Incident Description: Detached garage fire

Cause of Fire: Under Investigation by Fire Marshalls Office

Estimated Dollar Loss: $7,500

Injuries: None

Additional Information: Detached garage fire. Fire contained to the garage. Cause is under investigation.

Marathon County: Wausau 4th of July Celebration 2016

Its was a beautiful day if you were NOT a car that was about to be smashed and crashed and taken to its limits.  Many hard hitters and awesome talent. I was assisted by my Reporter Timothy Zilch and our assistant Reporter in training Alicia Zilch.

Here is some pictures and video from the action ENJOY!!


**All Pictures on this page are FOR SALE unless WE share them with you Email us if interested in purchasing $5 a picture OR Thank You**





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